Wednesday, July 13, 2011

F O F ..... Pink Wednesday!!!! ♥

Hola… Hope everybody is having a great week so far!!

Pink Wednesday is here…. I didn’t have much time to do anything last night, so I just grabbed a pink polish I got at a local .99cent store a while back.

I really loved how this color looked in the bottle, the formula is great! Two coats and its full coverage… it’s a light pink with what looks like silver specs or glitter IDK how to describe it.... I love how the color looks, but I hate the strong smell of this polish, I mean the smell is so bad it can give you a stomachache :-P ..

There is no name on the bottle, it just has a #48 at the bottom….
I’m going to call it F O F Shimmer Pink

Do you own any polishes that STINK, but you still use them because they are so pretty??

Ok, that’s it for today!!

Til next time………



  1. never had a polish that smelled bad.... lol

  2. For me the ones that smell the worst are the base coats.....Love that color!

  3. The bottle shape reminds me of some Yes Love ones from the Euro store.
    I have some smelly polishes, but not to the point of making my stomach topsy-turvy.


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