Friday, July 15, 2011

Love & Beauty ~ Baby Blue

Early this week, Marta @ Chitchat Nails did a post with a baby blue polish. I said to myself I NEEDED a baby blue .. turns out I had one... It didnt come as light as it looked in the bottle but it will do.

I cant seem to keep track of what I own ... anyways I have also decided I will NOT buy more nail polish hahah its going to be hard to do since I'm always in the look out for sales and what not, but it must be done!!! I have too much stuff that I havent even tried. So unless its given to me or maybe a swap no more shopping for me.. :(

Here are some pics, the quality is not so great as there is no sunshine today..

This is 2 coats of Love & Beauty (no name ) it has a No. 10106 on it, then I did 2 accent nails using my brand new Klean Colors Silver Lining that I won from Caroles de Carol :)

Til next time....

PS: Hope Everybody has a great weekend!!!!


  1. wow, this is a gorgeous blue, love it!

  2. love that blue! & accent finger! i need to try this!

  3. beautiful color! I always say im DONE buying nail polish and it NEVER works! I need to work really hard on that! lol
    I gave you the butterfly award it on my blog(:

  4. I love baby blue polish!xoxo

  5. Baby blues are my favorite polish color and this one is adorable!

  6. very nice I have wanted to get a color like this but never have!

  7. I love this its such a pretty colour

    shel xx

  8. thanks for all the comments girlies xoxoxo

  9. Hi sweetie! I love your mani!!!

    You have an award on my blog! (the Sunshine Award) ;)

  10. Very nice! I've not seen L&B bottles like that; love the cap.

  11. I've had this one for a few months now... thinking back I wish I would had picked up a few more when they came out.. bc the bottle is cute LOL.. my sister was w me that day i got it and she got a few with this top only bc she liked the print, maybe i'll steal them from her :)


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