Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

Hola Chicas...

Happy Pink Wednesday!!!!

I did a black french using LA Colors BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... I used those lil stickers for the outline otherwise I would had probably been all over the place with that line... then I did a small dotted line using LA Colors Power Outage, such a pretty color btw... I also used it for my accent finger.. application was flawless...I did not have my dotting tools, so I just used a bobby pin which works pretty good.


Just for FUN test pics :)

Til next time .....

PS: I got a new cam mainly for my Vegas trip & bc I had been wanting one to take pics of my LOVE... but he doesnt let me.. he says no mami.. NOOOOOOOOO.......& runs away!!!! but anyways, def comes in handy for my blog :)

***This is exactly what I'm talking about***


  1. The dots you added make it so cute! :)

  2. I like the 2 layer french-I'm gonna have to try that!

  3. I really do love this manicure. You did an awesome job!!!

  4. That's co cute!!! Good job! I'm your new follower and I really appreciate when you'll check my blog too. Thanks a lot and good luck in your polishing!

  5. hahaaa your son is so camera shy! he definitely didnt take after his mommie ;D when are u going to vegas?! have u ever been?!

    your nails are so cute.! i love them !

  6. Thank you for all the love girlies :)

    Maria... OMG he is completely shy is probably bc i have taken sooo many pics of him since he born he is fed up :-P Going to vegas in a couple of week, first time :) im super excited although everybody keeps telling me its hot as hell over there right now.. cant be worst than Houston weather!!!

  7. I love this manicure!
    The dots are perfect!

  8. new follower here! flawless mani, so classy :)

  9. Your mani looks awesome!!!
    And the pic with your son is sooo cute!! How old is he?

  10. Cristina ~ thanks you are so sweet:) My son will be 3 in a couple of months:) crazy lil thing!!! :-*

  11. nice you'll have fun .i love playing video blackjack @ the riviera. which btw they have an ABC store that carries Island Girl polishes ;D from what i know its only sold in vegas & hawaii . so check those out :D . & my bf is currently over there and he says at 7am its already 100!! aint that crazy! make sure you and your son wear lots of sunscreen & keep snappin those pics! he'll get use to them.hahahah

  12. I will def have to check that store out LOL ima be running around looking for nail polish... buahhaha Im not good at any games :( but I will for sure try some out, most likely the slot machines heheh... OH im going to come home with tons of pics!!

  13. awww that's so cute!
    i love your mani :D

  14. love the nails!

    xo Ashleigh

  15. this has left me actually inspired!! it looks gorgeous! the addition of the dots is soooo cute! :) x


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