Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spontaneous ...

Hola Chicas..

Quick post.. as I need to get my day going here!!! I was going to wear yesterdays mani for the rest of the week but one nail chipped so I HAD to take it off LOL what a great excuse!

This is China Glaze Spontaneous,I think It looked better without the foil glitter or whatever it is I put on top.. no pics w/out it. I did this last night and when I woke up I had tip wear IDK how I managed that, the only thing I did before bed was read a book to my son, but anyways.. on to the pics..

My bracelets today ...

& Flowers for all you lovely girlies...

***yes I'm going a lil pic crazy w my new cam :-P

Til next time....


  1. you are obviously doing something in your sleep to give you tip wear!! Or its shrinkage from your top coat! It's a pretty color though

  2. Yes, i was thinking it was the top coat or possibly he glitter coat I used ...

  3. Thats a great color. Love the bracelets!

  4. I really love this polish! *_*
    (and China Glaze in general!!)

  5. I always see that color at Sally's and wonder if I should buy it lol I think I might soon, it's so pretty! The glitter you put on top is pretty to :)

  6. Nice polish!!! Ha ha!!! I know exactly what you mean with the "new camera syndrome" :D :D :D I've had that too ;D Doesn't really go away :P So have fun!!! I love seeing also other personal pics, other than polish. Hugs!!!

  7. Great color polish. Love the small charm bracelet too - is it Pandora? I have something similar by Lovelinks.

  8. Sabrina ~ you should the color formula is great I actually thought it would be a lighter color, but still like :)
    Cristina ~ I know Im already a picture crazy person and a new camera intensifies it!!! Love taking pics :)
    Vita ~ Yes, it is a Pandora bracelet my fav :) I havent seen anything by love links I will have to check that out :)

  9. I love that polish! It looks great with that *whatever* on the top too!

  10. Nailaholic ~ I am terrible at describing some polishes or finishes ... this lil baby is one of those :-P

  11. I like it with the glittery flakie topper--what was that?

  12. KarenD ~ that flakie topper (now i know what to call it~ thanks) is part of a 6 set I got a Claires for 1.00 :) I have a picture of it in this post if you want to see it and actually the more I have been looking at it the more I like it :)


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