Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zip .. Zip...Zipper Nails.... Nubar Raspberry Trufffle & Treasure

***WARNING... Picture Overload****

Today I have some nail stamping.. my version of zipper nails... I still suck at the stamping, it takes me like 10000000 tries to get one good image, IDK what the heck im doing wrong, but anyways moving on!!!

I'm using Nubar Raspberry Truffle & Treasure, these are my first Nubars...Application of these beauties is amazing, no complains here, they both dry super shiny. Then I added the zipper using Love My Nails Silver Bullet to separate the colors... ON my right had I added a coat of Cover Girl Goddess, I AM IN LOVE with this amazing glitter top coat, if you do not own it you should try to find it for your stash, I could not stop staring at my nails specially under certain lights... I think it might be similar to China Glaze Fairy Dust, but its not as thick and gooey.


Til next time.....


  1. Ouu, so pretty and sparkly! :)

  2. So pretty! You did a really nice job!

  3. pretty nails. love the glitter topcoat too x

  4. i would love to see your glitter polish swatched! maybe with another color that doesnt have a design? . :D

    lovely design. !
    & your not alone. i cant stamp for S**T . :(

  5. Thanks girlies... :)
    Maria ~ Im going to try the glitter over a dark color pretty soon... :) & maybe some day we will get good at stamping LOL i know it wont be any time soon for me booooo


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