Friday, August 19, 2011

Boyfriend Blue....


First of all... I love love love the name of this polish... This is Unforgettable Moments (Payless Shoes Brand) BOYFRIEND BLUE... as of last night it became one of my favorite colors. The application was amazing, 1 or 2 coats will do. I was going to do some stamping on this but went in a different direction. It did not come out the way i really wanted it, but i love the color combination so much that I will be doing this mani again trying my original inspiration which came from a shirt my cousin was wearing.

Do any of you own any of these polishes???

Well hope everybody has a great weekend

Til next time


  1. This is so lovely! But no, I don't own any of the polishes you mentioned. :)

  2. Gorgeous mani, looks great, and i love the flowers x

  3. Very pretty! I especially love the purple flowers.

  4. I think the flowers look great! It gives the manicure a funky vibe which I love!!!!

  5. Thank you girlies :) I really appreciate all the comments!

  6. These are super cute :)
    Lucy xx

  7. I really love this! The flowers are really cool! Am assuming you did free hand! I want to try this!

  8. Ps how did you get those reply buttons on your comment form?

  9. oh my gosh, that is amazing so pretty x


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