Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orly Mineral FX ~ Rock the World

Another polish from this collection, I promise I'm almost done :-P
Rock the World is plum/pink base with a MASSIVE load of gold shimmer!!!! Application was great, I love how it changes color with different lighting.. sorry for the pic overload..

That is it for today, have a great Pink Wednesday, which by the way I'm cosidering this a pink :-P

Til next time....


  1. Precious color! love it =D
    I gave you an award in my blog =)

  2. Love this collection. I really like the metallic finish.

  3. Very, very nice! It reminds me a little bit of OPI It's MY Year!

  4. It looks kind of like another It's My Year/Faye dupe. There are so many of them now, but it's such a pretty color!

  5. Every time I see this polish I want it even more!

  6. Aw man how did you get those reply buttons? When i tried-it didn't show on the preview screen so was afraid to go farther-please email me ok? Just bought Orly Stone cold yesterday-its almost a glitter right?

  7. @Laura
    I saw that on a few reviews, I don't own any of those so I'm good, just need to make sure I dont buy them


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