Monday, August 15, 2011

TEXANS..... lets GO!!!

LOL so first of all... Im not really a fan of football, but I figured since I'm going to a preseason game I might as well get into the spirit & Im trying to get into new things so hopefully I will enjoy the game!!!

OH YEAH... I'm back from vacation.. anybody miss me???

So today I have a quick mami took me about 10 min, it didn't come out as great as I hoped it would, but had to do it fast since I actually did it at work... ewww yes bad I know!!!

Have a great day & a great week
Til next time...


  1. I have a soccer-themed mani in my hard drive, too. I know you were talking about American 'football', but anyway.

  2. This is really awesome :) I'm working on nail designs myself for some posts :D
    Lucy xx

  3. @marox79

    I like soccer "futbol" a lot, i used to play when i was in high school :)

  4. @LucyyLou
    Thats awesome, cant wait to see your designs!

  5. @Polish AMOR: I just watch it, never played it.

  6. i did notice that you were gone! i missed your posts! glad to have you back.. did you go to vegas? .. and how can you not LOVE football!! . im a Dallas Cowboys fan ;)

    anywho! cool design.! it looks so purrty.! :)

  7. I missed you-but you already knew that!! Im glad youre back

  8. @McDiaz714
    YES.... vegas was a blast, it was hot but it was manageable :-P Went shopping to the store you told me, bought a couple of the Island Girl polishes... while i was there i kept thinking I have similar to this one etc.. etc... now I regret not buying more LOL... The game last night was awesome, I might start getting into it... I have an uncle who is a big Dallas Cowboys fan.. I think I'm going to stick to the Texans since I live here LOL.. I have missed your posts too, I need to catch up!

  9. dont worry that always happens to me! . if theirs a specific color u remember let me know im headed out there for halloween i'll be more than happy to grab it for you.!

    your so lucky! i want to go to a game but a home game.. ohh one day *day dreams* lol.

    & btw your uncle rocks! he knows whats good.. and maybe you'll be a fan too now that u like football :D


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