Thursday, September 15, 2011

China Glaze Metro Collection ~ Midtown Magic

Hola ...

Another polish from this collection, I'm just about done with the ones I picked. This one is another amazing one... To me this sometimes looks dark rich brown or a super dark burgundy base packed with a lot of gold flecks.. Its amazing....

I also got Traffic Jam, and I'm just going to throw this pic in here... I didn't capture many good pics of this one, I did however, wear this mani for about 4 days! I'm not really sure why this color is in the fall collection, it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest :-P

This is the only good pic I got of this one, stamped with BM Plate 9 I think.. I tried to do a fading effect with the stamp using white and lighter pinks but it didnt work so well :-P

Ok.. that is it for day!

Til next time..


  1. I do like your stamping very much! the fading effect is a great idea!

  2. Oh i have this and have yet to try it -but so pretty!

  3. ~Nailderella - thanks :) I'm going to try the fading again on something else with more pics :)
    ~Peace, Love & Polish -Yes totally ready for fall
    ~Fingers -- your going to love it :)

  4. Very very pretty! I love China Glaze polish!

  5. The first color is absolutely amazing. So dark and rich. The 2nd mani is soo adorable (:

  6. Polish & Charms ~ I love them too, great formulas and colors :)
    Toyomi ~ Color is great.. and thanks :)

  7. I totally love the last mani, it's so nice.

  8. I wanted to get this one but Sally's didn't have it when I went by. :( It looks so pretty!

  9. I love Midtown Magic! Too bad I gave my bottle to my sister! =(

  10. amazing colour, but it's too dark for me.


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