Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nubar 2010

Hola Chicas!!!

Hope everybody is having a great week... Mine is good so far, I haven't been in the mood to paint my nails.. YES shocker... I've had naked nails for 3 days now, but for the first time ever I did some swatches last night, I don't normally do this, I usually wear the manis for a couple of days, but this was fun!

Anyways, today I have Nubar 2010, this is an amazing duochrome flakie , its a must in everybody's collection. My original lemming was the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, however, I have not been able to find it, but this one makes me HAPPY :) I applied one coat of WnW Black and 2 coats of Nubar 2010.
If you are interested in seeing a comparison of SH vs Nubar, check Strangies Blog..I'm sure most of you are familiar with her blog :) Comparison

On to the pics....


Til next time....


  1. I have to get one of these one day.

  2. Marox ~ yes u have to get it you won't regret it :)
    & thanks for the lovely comments girlies!

  3. This is amazing! You've layered it so nicely, its so even on every nail.

  4. Aww this is gorgeous ! Flakie heaven !

  5. Wow, this is quite lovely! I don't have a real flakie polish, this one is stunning. I think I will have to give in to ebay soon!!

  6. You decide to start doing swatch mani's using NUBAR FLAKIE POLISH?! Oh, the horror. How can you only wear it long enough to swatch it? She's too pretty! I'm saying this in a playful way, however the computer doesn't translate the correct emotions unfortunately. ;) Beautiful swatches.

  7. your so right! they look the same! but what happend to us encouraging each other on the no buy!? LOL im so tempted to order this one now! ! . hahahaha. && ps.! i looove the new look of your blog! so pretty! :)


  8. Polished Touch ~ you are abosutely right the horros lol ... goes to tell u how lazy I've been I debated for a lil while if I wanted to paint the rest of my nails of take it off.... my laziness took control :-P ... sometimes I write comments and think mmmm I wonder if they r going to take this wrong lol BUT its all good :)
    Maria ~ I know I'm a bad support system on this one .... but u have to buy it its a must! & yes I wasted a few hours of work on my new layout .... I get bored :)
    ~ once again lovely ladies thanks for the comments ......

  9. Flakie polishes are awesome. Love your new blog header by the way! xoxo

  10. You changed your background! Very nice!!

  11. I have this one too and I love it so much!

  12. HOLA! I just wanted to say, personally, thank you for following my new little blog on the interwebs.. I'm still kind of new at all of this, so any tips you may have are appreciated at all times... :)

    and I'm in love with this mani! (:


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