Saturday, September 17, 2011

OPI DS Couture


Today I have an amazing polish to show you... I have to say that up until a year ago or so I would only buy cream base polishes.. I was never into glitter, holos...would stick to ordinary stuff.. HOW BORING HUH?

Anyways... I got this lil beauty on a swap I did with the lovely Fingers... if you are not familiar with her blog.. you must check it out.. she does some pretty cool Funky French Manis (her signature manis) :-P Fingers Polish Mania

I would also like to add that Holos are very dangerous... I could not take my eyes off my nails when I was driving!!! Keep your eyes on the ROAD!!! The only thing I dont like is that you can only see their true beauty in the sun or special lighting.. but they are still amazing!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Til next time...


  1. Are you calling me boring?!? When I saw your title I thought hey I think that was my polish! Hahaha! So glad you like it! Yes, I am only good at the funky French! Thanks for the tag girlfriend!

  2. I am starting to get into other types of polish because I would, like you, only buy cremes too but I also got jellies & glitters. I love this color.

  3. Fingers ~ your welcome and no ur not boring LOL
    Peace, Love & Polish ~ Yes, its fun to try different finishes, holos has become one of my favorites :)

  4. This is the only DS I own :)

  5. I love my DS! but you are right, they only show the prettiness in sun or just right lighting!

  6. i honestly feel like i'm stuck in an outrageous glitter vortex. i don't feel right unless i have glitter of some kind on my nails... I NEED to try a polish like this though! I think its magnificent! I never would've thought of trying something like this!

  7. All of the DS polishes are beautiful.

  8. so pretty!!!! In the sun hols are just Amazingg!(:


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