Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Joe Fresh ~ Twilight

Hola Polish Lovers….

Today I have for you a Joe Fresh nail polish. This is Twilight a black jelly base flakie, I LOVE FLAKIES!!!! In the bottle you can see green/blue/orange/gold … however the dominant color on my nails is green , looks amazing to me.

This is one coat layered over WnW black cream!

Lately I have been having a hard time picking a nail polish to use, maybe I’m lacking inspiration arrrgggg or who knows!
So for this month I will be doing  OCTOBER BAG OF GOODIES… what this means is I will TRY to use all the polishes I got in the month of October, why do I call it bag of goodies...... Well because I’m so unorganized and I just put everything in random bags, I need a Helmer or something because I’m getting out of control :-P
I will show you MY bag of goodies on my next post!

Ok lovelies… Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Til next time…


  1. LOVE!!! this nail polish! i loved it yesterday when u showed it to me but in these pics i love it even more! can you send your BF to Canada again to get me a bottle?! THANKS! your a doll ;D . hahhaa jkn .. but how bout the other hand huh friend?! whats on ur other hand?! LOL

    thats an awesome idea! i know u have more than 30 nail polishes in that bag! . lol

  2. zebra-nails/alexandra : Thanks :)
    Maria ~ I'll ask him to bring one just for u.. or I'll give you some of mine :-P.. AND IDK what u r talking about my other hand :-P shhhhhhh

  3. Am not a fan of the flakies! But am excited to see your bag o goodies!

  4. Ugh this is so pretty! I love it! The flakies are amazing, they look great with the dark base.

  5. Beautiful! It is very similar to Hits - Tango, a Brazilian polish beautiful too ;)

  6. You know what's sad? I have multiple Helmers and still have bags of goodies. I might need an intervention. ;)

    Love the flakies--they do seem to be insistent on going green for you.

  7. I feel the same about getting inspired! That lacquer is really nice!

  8. love this polish! can't wait to see your bag of goodies!!!

  9. Aaah! I so need this! I haven't been able to track that down here yet.

  10. I love polish with flakies, but I never know where to find them in my price range, that being said, that is gorgeous~


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