Friday, December 16, 2011

Coin Drops.....

Hola Polish Lovers... :)


Another Twinsie Friday is here, wow I cannot belive how fast time goes by! It's been a month since we started doing these twin posts, doesn't seem like that long, time flyes when you are having fun!!!!!!!

So every week right around Wednesday we start talking about what to do with our twin post, its very silly how our conversations go and how we come to conclusions on what do use and do :-P NOW.. coming up with post tittles is even funnier... Maria said it looked like she had gold coins on her nails... we went thru several diferent names until we settled on COIN DROPS... do you agree they look like gold coins??

For this mani we still wanted something festive but different and this is what we came up with.. Orly Velvet Rope with Milani Gold Jewel FX aweeeee sooooo preeettty!!!

Check out Maria's Matted version at Nails Made Simple!!!!! Can't wait to see it :)

PS: My photos were taken with my phone, what do you guys think??? My camera was fighting too much to capture the purple as usual, Maria suggested I use my phone! I was surprised how good they turned out :)

PSS: Lisa at Lisa's Nail Care Blog is having a giveaway for $250 CAD worth of ASK Comestics, check it out!!! Click HERE !!!!!

Til next time....


  1. That sometimes happens. I've done swatch pics in stores using my phone (Nokia XpressMusic something) and the pics turned out surprisingly colour-accurate.
    AND sometimes at home you struggle to get realistic colours no matter what camera (my Samsung or my sister's DSLR) you use.

    By the way, I'm sporting my first layering using two of the polishes you sent us. Love it.

  2. Very nice both ways it was done!

  3. very pretty! love that Orly Velvet Rope

  4. Zebra Nails ~ thanks :)
    Polish & Charms ~ I want some real gold coins ehhe
    Marox ~ I think I'm going to start taking pics with my phone more often... I CANNOT wait to see your mani :)
    Rochelle ~ thank you
    Shannara ~ yes Velvet Rope is very pretty

  5. i think they look beautiful all shiny!! and they do sparkle like coins!! or maybe i got on Pirates of the Caribbean ride too many times on tuesday .lol

    and your cell phone pictures are great! i love them!

    i cant wait for next week!

  6. I love that purple and its cool how you caught the light off the glitter-your pictures are so nice!

  7. I love it! I can see the sun twinkling off of the purple, so sparkly.

  8. Looks beautiful and so sparkly and te pics came put really good! I use
    Phone for all my pics.

  9. That purple is gorgeous! Your phone takes amazing pictures! What phone do you use?

  10. So pretty! Can't go wrong with a purple and gold combo. I've been doing a bit of that lately :)

  11. This is pure perfection!! Loving this!!

  12. I wish my phone took pictures that well! =P The purple is gorgeous!

  13. Oh wow! That is beautiful! Awesome photos too!

  14. Maria ~ Buahha they do look like coins, good call.. so I guess that means your not too crazy :-P
    Fingers ~ yes that sun sparkle looks fkn cool huh
    Laura ~ thank you :)
    Beauxs Mom ~ I used to do phone pics all the time too, most of my post at the beginning were all phone :-P
    Drinkcitra ~ thank you, I have the MyTouch Slide 4G, I think it has a 8Mp cam with a lot of setting too :)
    Anutka ~yes they are a great combination
    Aradia /Nory~! thank you
    ScarsLikeLace ~ I think most phones can do this now, just have to find the right lighting and setting maybe
    Imfeelingnail-venturous ~ thank you :)

  15. Nice combination of gold 'coins' with this gorgeous purple shade


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