Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Essence ~ Vampire Love The Dawn is Broken

Hola Polish Lovers....

Hope everybody is having a great week! I'm ready for the weekend :)

Today I have a special polish to show you :) I recently received a SURPRISE (i love surprises)package from the lovely ladies at Juntas, pero no revueltas-Together, yet apart... Have I told you guys that one of the best things that have come from blogging is getting to know new people, making friends :) Well Marox is one of those special people... She was one of my first followers and one of the first to comment on my blog, which made me feel aweee soooo Special.. because at least I knew at that point somebody was reading :) She has stuck around and comments regularly on my posts... Thank you Mar :)

A while back she sent me an email offering an Aphotica gift card she had won but unfortunately couldn't use (shipping cots etc etc was more than the gift card) I was thrilled and happy she had picked me to use this card to treat myself :) I offered to send her something in exchange but she refused several times as she was not looking for anything in exchange when she gave me the card! After a few weeks there was finally something she wanted :) unfortunately I coudn't get a hold of the polish she had in mind, but I found an alternative and sent it on its way :)

Monday, I got home to find a lil package full of goodies :) what a nice surprise it was :) Nail Mail is awesome and its even sweeter when you are not expecting it!

So, todays post is brought to you courtesy of Marox, once again thank you sooooooooo MUCH!!!!

This is The Dawn is Broken, from the Vampire Love Collection! Actually when I saw this collection floating around this polish is the one that caught my attention because is very different, very unique :)  its like Mar read my mind... :)

Lately, I have been trying to get different looks by layering! So i tried one layer of Pure Ice Busted over The Dawn is Broken. it looks sooooo pretty! better in person though, I had a hard time capturing the awesomeness of the layering :-P

That is it for today, see ya Friday :)



  1. What a sweet story :] I love that polish, it really is gorgeous, and they layering is so spot on too. Verrr Pretty :]

  2. Jennius ~ Thank you :) glad you like the layering too :)

  3. Lovely thought of Marox! Did she send the other shades as well? I only grabbed the red, blue and purple of this LE. Love the layering btw!

  4. Simona ~ Yes, she sent me Gold Old Buffy which looks pretty sweet too! I saw swatches of the blue one and OMG it looks stunning too.. I WANT IT NOW hhhehee
    Shannara~ yes it was a very good surprise

  5. That is a beautiful polish, and the layering is fantastic!

  6. it's beautiful on it's own and even more beautiful with layering! :)

  7. Nory ~ thanks :)
    Polish & Charms ~ it is very pretty and thanks :)
    Zebra nails ~ :) thank you I really do like how the layering came out

  8. I confess I did some damage to the Essence stuff, especially the clearance basket.
    What you got was what was left of the Vampires LE.
    Btw, at this rate, you'll make me blush.
    I'm glad you're not mad at me for using your address, hehe.

  9. On its own it reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream! Love it with the purple shimmer on top.

  10. aww thats oh so sweet of her! i love this polish!

  11. I love the blue and purple ones! I'll check if the store near here still has one blue to save for you Iris :) I have to go there for Christmas shopping on Saturday anyway!

  12. That Pure Ice Busted is so pretty! I made need to go slumming and get that one!! Cool of her to give you that gift card!!

  13. Nice combo busted looks so pretty on top.

  14. So lovely!!!!! I love the pure ice polish you added on top! Nice touch!

  15. It's so beautiful and your layering experiment is soooo amazing :)


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