Friday, December 9, 2011

I borrowed Santas Coats....

Hola Hola Polish Lovers...


In the spirit of the holidays I bring to you this awesome cute mani :) ... The other day I saw a post showing santa coats on Peace, Love & Polish she has been doing some super cute holiday manis, make sure to check out her blog :) THEN... my nail art expert twin Maria :-P had the awesome idea that we should do this mani for Twinsie Friday... she had to twist my arm but I agreed!!!  This mani was fun to do and I LOVED the final result!!!

I tried to make the Fur on santa's coat look 3D... which kind of worked.. what do you guys think??

Awwwwwww look poor Santa got a snag on his fur!!! (if you cant see it, its on my pinky)

& .... Santa's coats got wrinkled over night:(..... but maybe it gives it a natural look :-P

This is what I used for this mani: + dotting tools and a fine nail art brush!
WnW Black Cream, Essie Bonded, CG White Cap, Revlon Silver Dollar & WnW Color Icon White-This one has a fine brush

Well that is it for today, hope you all have an awesome weekend!!! My son and I are going to an Ornament Exchange Party tomorrow.. hopefully he gets a good ornament this year :)

I can't wait to see Maria's Santa Coats ...  check them out at  Nails Made Simple!!!

Til Next time...


  1. Wow, so cute and funny!!
    Enjoy that party.

  2. this is SO cute! :)

  3. yours are perfect!!!i love them on you .. on me not so much! next time i text you nonsense .. slap the heck out of me! im done with nail art for about a month ! hahahaha & thanks for calling me "nail art expert twin" -_- fea!! . LOL

    you did an amazing job my lovely friend!


  4. There's something about these that make your nails look quite cozy and warm. :)

  5. Love it! Twinsie Friday is such a fun idea!

  6. Caronila/Shannara ~ Thanks :)
    Marox ~ Thanks, I think my son will really enjoy it this year :) he is more aware of whats going on now
    Zebra Nails ~ Thanks
    Rips ~ LOl thanks.. at least you got my humor hehe
    Mrsrexy ~ thank you
    Maria ~ Yours look great you were exagerating when you said they looked bad.. hahah I knew you would enjoy the "nail art expert" hehehe
    Laura ~ thanks
    Nail it ~ heheh it does, they are super warm I keep staring at them
    Jacqui ~ thank you :0
    Polish &Charms ~ it is fun to do, at least it gets me doing some different manis going out of the box

  7. Oh my gosh so cute! I haven't seen anything like this design before. I may have to try and recreate it!

  8. This would be fantastic to wear on Christmas Day! I love it. xoxo

  9. I have the Nail Polish Tag for you, you can pick it up if you like :-)

  10. Wow!! I love this one, it is so cute ^.^

  11. This looks great! I love the "wrinkled" look too, very natural :) Thanks for the shoutout!

  12. This is totally awesome! It really looks like the fur on his coat! You really did a great job here! Why do people point out flaws? It never ceases to amaze me! I would never had noticed that fuzz on your pinky! Dork! Am wearing the bride for you right now!

  13. These are adorable! I need to try these myself.

  14. Kaki ~ thank you, they were not so hard to do so you should try them :)
    Marvi ~ Thank you
    Vita ~ oohhh yeah perfect for a party
    Shannara ~ I'll pick the tag up ;)
    istarh~ thanks :)

  15. Peace, Love & Polish ~ lol the wrinkled look was pretty cool.. and your welcome you have been doing some very cute stuff :)
    Fingers ~ thanks, i liked how the fur turned out, i think it was my fav part.. I pointed out the flaws bc I thought they were funny :-P I can't wait to see your post with Bride of Franken
    KarenD /feeling nailventurous~ thanks
    Lucy ~ you should try them

  16. How cute! I actually like the wrinkles, as you said, it looks more natural! =P

  17. I think you both did fantastic jobs! I really like your 3d fur so adorable!

  18. They are so funny and cute at the same time :)

  19. GORGEOUS! I'm definitely trying this on my nails! :)

  20. This is so beautiful! ♥♥♥
    Definitely gonna try them!


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