Monday, December 19, 2011

Wet n Wild .. new collection????

Hola :)

Hope everybody had a great weekend :)

I went to Wal-Mart during lunch to pick up some stuff for the office and I couldnt help it and had to walk by the cosmetics... and ran into this Wet n Wild Collection, I didn't snap a pic of all of them, but I think it had 6 different shades. Has anybody seen these??? Would it be safe to assume these are crackle considering what the top looks like?

I might stop after work and check it out again, but with this holiday shopping IDK too crazy out there :-P

Let me know if you have seen these before so I don't go waste my time :)

Have a wonderful afternoon



  1. Haven't seen it here,but it does look like crackle to me. WET n' Wild is a little late with the crackle if so.

  2. I got some WnW craze collection when it first came out, different bottle but the same crackle looking logo and it wasn't crackle, I think it's just the look for their craze collection. (I did however think it was crackle and painted black over my whole mani to try it out for the first time to realize I was wrong.)

  3. Yeah I have a couple WNW Craze polishes and it looks to me like they just redesigned their bottles/packaging.

  4. Hmm, weird. I haven't seen this before, so I have no idea what it could be!

  5. i dont think its crackle for the simple fact it doesnt say CRAKLE/SHATTER !!! LOL juss kidding, should i even be leaving a comment here since i already texted you opinion?! which i clearly stated you're going back to Walmart sooner or later to get them! . hahahhaa The bottle looks like glitter,, i like the way you're starting to think ;D

  6. Since I only went slumming once-I really am no use to you about this!

  7. Thank you ladies....:)
    Maria ~ for your information I did NOT go back to walmart and I don't plan on going back for the polish that is hehehe
    Fingers ~ heheh I liked your slumming trip too, OH I finally found Heart Breaker.. we will see what all the excitement is about :-P

  8. Hey fellow Texan, I haven't seen these but it looks interesting. If you get it, you must post pics!

  9. I'd say these are crackles, judging by the cap as you did.
    Mmm, Blogger didn't show me this update. It's just as well I browsed through my reader.

  10. I just bought one today and it is indeed crackle polish. It looks just like every other crackle polish though with the exact same lengthwise crack pattern. The display showed them as having a more geometric pattern which is why I bought it since I hate the linear crackles :/


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