Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Naild'It Dragon Scales

Yesterday I showed you guys a swatch of butter LONDON No More Waity, Katie you can see it HERE, I layered Naild'It Dragon Scales over it. I love the bright colors in this polish, such a great color pop, what I didn't like was the formula :( It was so thick and goopy, I'm sure it can be fixed with some thinner, but I don't have any at this time so I can't confirm.

1 layer of Dragon Scales over No More Waity, Katie, 1 Coat of SV

Naild'It Polishes can be purchased from Naild'It Esty Shop. Full size bottles retail for $8.50!!!

Hope you guys have an awesome day!

Til next time....


  1. I love it over the Butter London. I have a few polishes from Naild'It & I have the same complaint, it's very thick and goopy - frustrating. I added some polish thinner to one of mine and it made it too thin where none of the glitter would come out of the bottle. Maybe that's my own fault?

    1. I purchased 3 and they were all the same :/ and yes frustrating. It sucks that yours got watery after the thinner, I don't think its your fault... some just have bad formula. I have never had to use thinner before so I'm not sure if you just do a few drops or what the process is ahahha.. but I'm sure I'll end up ruining my polish too, maybe just a couple of drops at a time will work.

  2. they look gooood ;)
    -new post at my blog ;)

  3. I hope you solve the thickness with a thinner, because it looks really great...

  4. Waity Katie looks even better with this over it! I hate when glitter polish is thick!!

  5. Eeeeeee! I love this polish! It looks fabulous over Katie :)

  6. Very beautiful layering!

  7. Holy cow!!!!! I've got to get in on this indie band wagon!

  8. This is GORGEOUS!! I can't even express how much I love this!! ^.^

  9. darling,this looks gorgeous on you!! i absolutely love it <3

  10. This is one of the issues with indie polish. I would email the person who made them and she should either replace them or give you your money back. Seems like she is doing something wrong.

  11. Ooh what a fun glitter! It looks great on top!!

  12. Hello, my name is Jacqueline and I live in Brazil, I met your blog trolling the net and fell in love, as the polish of other countries are beautiful and the enameling of you too.
    I wanted all these Polish to me .. (laughs)
    I'm following you, if you can take a trip around the world and spend it in my corner I will be mega happy ..
    Sorry for the english .. and even there.


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