Monday, March 25, 2013

Catrice - Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans Skittle

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!! Mine was great :)

This one is an old mani, I'm very proud of this one :-P

For this mani I used:
Catrice - Hip Queens wear Blue Jeans, this polish has some amazing shimmer in the bottle, but it doesn't translate to the nail very well, it is still very pretty though!
Accent: Color Club Halo Hue Harp On It
Stamp: Winstonia W101 using Harp On it
Glequins - From Born Pretty Store, I purchased these for $6.45  for a 12 pack of different colors you can find those HERE! Don't forget to use Coupon Code PA5J61  for 10% discount :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful week!!!!


  1. I love the holo stamp pattern you usedl

  2. I love this!! Such a great combo!

  3. I love this color and then I saw the bottle and was all "WHERE DAT SHIMMAH?!" but this is still a gorgeous color blue. And silver and blue together? Dead. From the awesome.

  4. This mani is amazing! And wow, the holo stamping!!!!!

  5. Love the way to holo totally sets the whole thing off.


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