Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunny Bright!!!

Good Morning lovelies, I hope you all had a great weekend.
Ours was great, the heat is on, summer is in full swing. What better than a perfect bright sunny yellow to go with these bright sunny days/
This is 2 coats of Salon Perfect Dandelion Delight, great formula. For the nail art I used acrylic paint.

I hope you all an amazing week.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Simple Embellishments plus freehand!

Hello Lovelies,
I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend (if you live in the US :P)

Today I have a couple of manis to share with you. The first one is a very simple and easy one. I received a couple of items from BornPretty Store, these nail shield (decorations) are really neat and very easy to apply.
These are only about 3 bucks for a set of 2 and you can get 10% discount using code: GKJ61
Item # 10749

2 Coats of Chanel Distraction

Now for this mani, I had a blast doing, I am getting way better with my freehand lines:
Base: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (which I'm pretty sure most of you know it's an awesome white)
Black: Illamasqua Boosh
The rest if acrylic and nail polish.
Tools: Nail art brush and dotting tools

I hope you guys have an amazing week.

Until next time.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Nail Art

Hi girlies ..... hope you are all doing well.

Are you guys excited about all the summer collections? Which are your favorites?

I haven't purchased many polishes lately but I sure love seeing all the swatches.

Anyways here is an update on my latest manis 😊

This one was very simple to do ... I used acrylic paint for the stripes.

And not your typical strawberry mani but I wanted something different. Strawberries were made with acrylic paint and polish πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

This is one of my best gradient so far it's probably the color combination that made it unique for me.

I was trying to go for a lace look here I don't think I accomplished the look but overall I still like it 😊

Thanks for looking have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your week. If you guys have any questions about any of the manis let me know


Monday, June 2, 2014

Random Nail Art

Hello Hello .........

I'm back and hopefully for a while this time, I keep telling myself I will stick to it but other things come up and well life just happens.

I hope you are all doing great.

So here is a couple of my latest manis, lately I have been on a freehand nail art kick πŸ˜†

This is my current mani πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the rest of your day beautiful people and crossing my fingers I will keep up this time hehe.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oldies ~ Part One

Hey there.  

Hope you are all doing great and getting ready for the holidays!! We are in full mode at my house. Hubby is all about the Christmas tree and I think this year he out did himself!!!! We have a beautiful massive tree and our house smells soooooo good!!

Anyways, today I will show you some of my latest manis, enjoy!!!!!!!

These were my Halloween manis this year, I think my favorite is the one with the chubby ghost :)

Here is a picture of our tree :)


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello Friends :)

I hope you are all doing great!!! It has been a while since my last post, I almost forgot how to log in hehehe.

I missed blogging and I'm hoping to get back into the routine pretty soon. This year was a very busy and eventful year for me. If you follow me on IG you might know we welcomed a baby girl into our little family, she is beautiful, healthy and perfect, I couldn't ask for more. My little boy has turned into the most wonderful big brother, he is very helpful and loves his sissy so much. He acts like such a grown up, makes me sad to think he is growing up so fast :(

I have still been doing my nails at least once a week, sometimes longer. I think I have actually improved my skills and lately I have been trying more nail art and I'm very happy with the results.  Can't wait to show you guys.

Well I will be posting some of my latest manis very soon.

I will leave you with what I have on my nails right now :) This was inspired by a tequila bottle pattern.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Shimmer Polish Stephanie

Hi Guys... Hope you are all doing great :)

Today I want to share with you another awesome Shimmer Polish, this is Stephanie, this one mainly consist of blue glitters in small/large size with scattered red, pink and holo glitter, it is simply amazing.  I used it in a reverse gradient!

Beautiful polish, love the combination of colors!!

I layered this over Illamasqua Poke, which is a stunning purple w/ shimmer, the formula was amazing. I got purchased this polish during the Sephora at JCP 50% off sale, well worth the 7.00 bucks :)

Shimmer Polish Purchasing Info:

You can purchase Shimmer Polish from :

You can also check her website and Like her Facebook page for more information and updates :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend!
Til next time :)

**some products provided for my honest review**


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