Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink Wednesday...

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Well first of all I have to say I am totally enjoying this Pink Wednesday trend, by Monday Im already thinking what to do on Wed!!
I have been wanting to try my first half moon mani, finally did it, need to practice more. I used a technique I saw on a YOUTUBE video, gotta love those ladies doing the tutorials... :)

I used Wet n Wild fastdry How I Met your Magenta & Saved by the Blue, both of these were fairly easy to apply, however, the brush on the blue polish had some crazy bristles or whatever you call them... It looked like it was having a bad hair day, maybe it needs a trim :-P... I stamped a lil flower then went glitter fishing, I love how you get that extra lil sparkle... are the pics, BTW my cam was not cooperating with me today, first couldnt focus, then the battery died, this is the best I got! Does anybody have any good tricks for picture taking??? I cant get my cam to focus well on a close up, it comes out blurry most of the time.

Hope everybody has a great hump day!!!

Til next time.....


  1. Love it! I like how you added the flower.

  2. Fun! I've yet to try a half moon mani.

  3. I like the colors you chose!

    I gave you some awards on my blog(:

  4. Some time ago I tried a mani similar to yours.
    The combo is great! It's a beauty half moon mani!

  5. Very Cute! Perfect match of colors!

  6. Thank you ladies for all your great comments :)


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