Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Award Time...

Hola Chicas,

It's award time... I know I'm really bad at doing these, it is not because I don't like or want to do them is because I don't get much time to post.

First up we have the Cute Blog Award... This cute lil thing was given to me by these lovely ladies:

Jennius at Gold Speck Nails and Nory at Fierce Makeup & Nails.. thank you so much for thinking about me :)

1. Link back person who awarded you
2. Answer award questions
3. Tell us something about yourself you haven't told us in your blog yet?
4. Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award.
5. Make sure to let those you give this award know you awarded them!

Hmmm something about myself I have not shared before… I played Soccer in High School

1. What is your go to makeup product?
Powder maybe… I’m not much of a makeup girl!

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
When I think fashion I think clothing and other stuff… with that said, I liked Crochet Headbands, Stacking Bracelets and Animal Print Manis like such…

3. What is your favorite dessert?
Red Velvet Cake .. Yummm!!!! The other day I had the most DELICIOUS red velvet cake balls... OMG.. soooo GOOD and soo PRETTY.... for your glitter LOVERS have you ever seen your dessert sparkle...


4. Favorite color?
I don’t have a favorite color, I like many of them.

5. What is your middle name?

6. What was the last song you listened to?
El Verdadero Amor Perdona by Mana… I love MANA

7. cats or dogs?

NEXT UP.... Is the Versatile Blogger Award given to me by Irina at Zebra Nails :) Thank you so much :)

Here are 2 rules that come with this award:
1.) List seven things about yourself
2.) Pass to 15 bloggers

7 Things:

1. I am very self conscious and I always worry about what other people have to say
2. I LOVE my job
3. I am really bad at sharing things about myself :-P because I can't think of good stuff
4. I am obsessed with Bracelets
5. I love candles, especially the ones from Bath and Body Works
6. Sometimes I’m too nice for my own good
7. I suffer from the middle child syndrome :-P JK.. but I am the middle child, I have an older sis and a younger sis.. mmmm I actually have 2 younger brothers, but as weird as this may sound I always forget about them :/ just like I did now.. I still consider myself the middle child :-P

Ok... So I'm going to break the rules here, I know that a lot of you have these awards, so hopefully I don't give them to you again :-P

Zebra Nails 
Making up 4 my Age
Juntas pero no Revueltas
Marias Nail Polish Blog

& if anybody else wants to take it, please do :)

Have a great day!

Til next time...


  1. congrats!! i love your middle name.

    1. thank you, my mom did really good with my name :)

  2. A soccer player? Wooho Iris, you rock! :)

    1. OH yes, it was soo much fun until I hurt my knee my Junior year! booo

  3. ummm red velvet is one of my faves too!

    1. the other day I had a Red Velvet Cake ball OMG to die for!!!

  4. Thank you Iris for passing The Versalite Blogger on to me, I'm honored :)

  5. Soccer is so cool :).
    Thank you for the Cute Blog Award! :)

    1. it was so much fun too... I might have to find a pic and post it

  6. Those are the neatest cake balls I've ever seen! I kind of want to put that glitter on all my food, lol... well, maybe not, but it's still awesome!

    1. I had never seen anything like it before, I almost didn't want to eat it... How awesome it would be though carry around a lil bottle of that edible glitter and sprinkle it on your food hahahah

  7. Congratulations!! I like the pictures in this post! :D Wow, those desserts look amazing!! :O

    1. thank you and YES they looked too pretty to eat! But I DID hehe

  8. yumm!! those red velvet balls looks so delicious!! and yey!! now i know i can eat glitter!! in my next package please include one of them :D buahahaha!!! && your such a bish!! you forgot about your other two brothers!! hahaha i know the back story so bleh..who cares! .lol

    1. LOL hahaha yeah go figure the GW is going to start eating glittahhh... mmmm Let me think about it, maybe you should come see me and we can go get one :-P

  9. Congrats!!! I got tagged for these too... I've gotten terrible at keeping track of awards that people give me and I feel terrible! But... those red velvet cake balls look SO DELICIOUS. OMG.

    1. I feel the same way, like I'm this horrible person ehhehe... they were super duper good!

  10. Congrats! I love how you put pics in too! :D

  11. Thank you so much for the award! I'll get around to it when I get back from my mini-break xoxo

  12. Congrats! ^.^ Thank owl is adorable! =)

  13. Replies
    1. I know, its sooo fkrn cute! I love owl pictures like this one

  14. I hear you--I am way behind on saying thanks for awards people have given me, and it's not that I don't appreciate them, it's just a matter of making time. The edible glitter is very cool--I've not come across any desserts that pretty!

    1. I know makes me feel bad.. .. so pretty and soooo good!!!

  15. Congrats on the awards!! I didn't know that dessert but it looks so delicious and I would love to taste it ^¬^

  16. Cute! Those red velvet things look bomb! Whats your job? Maybe I can come
    Work with you lol.


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