Friday, February 24, 2012

Twinsie Friday ~ Seeing Dots .......

Hola Chicas,

Hope you all had a great week :) I'm so ready for the weekend woohoooo TGIF!!!!!!

With the end of the week we have another Twinsie Friday YAY!!!! I have been seeing a lot of dots lately, and I mean polka dot manis :-P so I suggested we do a polka dot mani for today.

PICTURE OVERLOAD.... as usual!

 ************OMMMMGGG I love the Holo dots .. YES.. I DO  **********

For this Mani I used ManGlaze Matte is Murder (which is on sale for 5.99 right now $$$), ManGlaze Lesbihonest and Glitter Gal 3D Silver, with that being said, here is the matte version of it...

What I used:
ManGlaze: Matte is Murder
ManGlaze: Lesbihonest
Glitter Gal: 3D Silver
Dotting Tool

Im sure you all know where to buy this stuff, if you don't you can get ManGlaze at their Facebook Store or Amazon

Glitter Gal I purchased from Llarowe, I think the Silver is out of stock right now, but you if you e-mail them they will contact you when is in! My experience was great purchasing with Llarowe, great customer service :)

Now that I am done with all my advertising LOL, hope you all have a great weekend!!

I can't wait to see my Twins Post :) stop by and check it out yourself @ Nails Made Simple

Til next time....


  1. wow! the fact u have an actual pattern and vary the size of the dots makes this so much more than a reg polka dot mani! it's gorgeous! x

  2. This looks fabulous - I really want to try it!

  3. I love this!!! Such a great combo of colors! And I'm with you, those holo dots are amazing.

  4. i love this! and i love all the colors you chose

  5. Your nails are very delicate.

  6. aww your shorties look super girly with this mani!! and seriously, we both did black and matte? no wonder we're twinsies! hhahahaa i hope people realize we dont show each others manis until the day of . lol and lesbihonest i just want lesbihonest because of the name! hahaha you did great amiga i love all your pics but wth! where is your assistants POTD ?!


  7. OH MY GOD! Those holo dots are AMAZING!! gorgeous mani!!

  8. Yeah, I love the holo dots too! It's such a fantastic idea :)

  9. That looks amazing!!!!! Drooling over!

  10. This is awesome!!! I am loving this!!

  11. I LOVE it matte! I can't help but be addicted to the way matte looks!

  12. so cute! love it, your pictures are always so clean and crisp so i dont mind seeing many off them, ive been really wanting some manglaze polishes too, and this is not helping.

  13. Great design! Love the different sized & holo dots


  14. Soooo pretty! I love it with topcoat, the shimmer in all of those polishes is awesome.

  15. It has turned out to be gorgeoues...lesbihonest is one colour I have been drooling over for quite some time!!

  16. Wow I love the holo dots too! They look so interesting!

  17. These dots looks great... I soo want a Man Glaze :)

  18. Oh wow. Lovely polishes and you've created a gorgeous mani with them!

  19. I love this! You pretty much had me at dots :P


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