Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beyu 209 ♥

Hola Chicas,

I hope you all had a great weekend!!! I did :)

We have all seen and heard of  the "Unicorn Pee" dupes so I had to get my hands on them. When I saw Beyu pictures I immediately contacted my good friends at Juntas, pero no revueldtas - Together... yet apart. They were sweet and got me the polish right away, I think I had it within 1 week :) I was super excited to use it, then I broke a nail, I couldn't waste my precious lil bottle of Beyu on shorties, so I decided to wait!

Anyways, I love the effect of this! 10000000000000000000000000000000 pics ahead...


This is what this polish looks like 99.9% of the time.. unless you twist and turn your hands or you carry a lamp with you :-P ... LOVE IT!!!!

I used:
2 Coats of Revlon Royal
1 Coat of Beyu 209
No Top Coat

Special thanks for my lovely friends at  Juntas, pero no revueldtas - Together... yet apart for getting this polish for me!!! You girls are the best :)

Hope you all have an awesome week!!!

Til next time...


  1. I'm glad it lived up to your expectations. Looks awesome on the nails indeed.

  2. It looks gorgeous over blue, I recently got this and I posted about it too also with a tonne of picture ; ) , you should try underwater shots ! I lovee it too : )

  3. Wow, this is stunning, I love the effect with the light.

  4. This nail polish looks stunning on you! Love your nails :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! My bottle of 209 is definitely not this shift-y, I think I got a bad batch. I love how these polishes with this kind of pigment look over Revlon Royal, I need to get myself a bottle =)

  6. gah i love your nails so much!! love this too!

  7. Amazing. I still haven't try it over blue.

  8. oh this is gorgeous. and royal is one seriously amazing color

  9. Love all the pics! That color is gorgeous!

  10. I need to try mine! I want to wear it over red! This is so pretty!

  11. It's like Revlon Royal was made for unicorn pee!

  12. I love this! They're so gorgeous together!

  13. Your pics are so much better than mine for this polish!


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