Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nail the B.Y.T.C.H. Swatches & Review

Hola Chicas,

I have two really neat polishes to show you guys today!

Nail the B.Y.T.C.H (Be Your True Creative Heroine), is a company created by two cousins, I thought the company name was very creative and interesting you can read more about it HERE. They don't have a large selection of polishes but the ones they have are really great colors and perfect for Spring/Summer! The polishes have a catchy name and they come with a little quote to go along with the name. Also these are 3 Free!

First we have Little Perfection Confection -"This silver shimmer is more than just glimmer! She might say she's got it all together baby with a twinkle in her smile."

This is a gunmetal gray with some awesome shimmer :) The pics here show it layered over WnW Black Cream!

Tasty Pasty's "Sweet lil cotton pink isn't she! Is she all sugar no spice, hmmm...Not with a name like Tasty Pasty's. This pink is a tad naughty."

This one is an awesome shade of salmon pink, I loved how this one looked against my skin tone.

Formula wise they were both great, for this one I did 3 thin coats and it dries very shinny. Wear is good, I had it on for about 3 days with minor tip wear.

These retail $6.00 each which I think it's a great price! You can purchase these at Nail the B.Y.T.C.H website HERE!

Hope you guys have an awesome day.

Til next time....

**product was provided for review**


  1. I like both colors and the price is not bad at all.

  2. Interesting--I've not heard of this brand before; will have to check it out.

  3. Oooh these are nice!! I love hearing of new brands, especially one with great prices like this one. I am going to check them out now =)

  4. These are lovely!! :D

  5. Pretty! The pink looks so good on you. Love the name, so funny!!

    1. i absolutely loved how that pink one looked on my, I keep looking at my hands lol

  6. Oh so pretty!!!!!

  7. I love the pink one :)

  8. pink color looks so flatering on you :-D

  9. Two great colors, and I agree, pink looks so great on you :)

  10. Never heard of this before but they look pretty.

  11. what a cool polish brand, I like both colors, will for sure check them out.

  12. These are both gorgeous but I really like that pink! And I agree, it does look great on you!

  13. I love that pink! The description is adorable!

  14. Cool-didn't know you got samples from this company-that's awesome! I love the first one-

  15. Tasty Pasty does look really gorgeous on you. It's a gorgeous colour! :]

  16. These look great! omg I love your blog layout! :D


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