Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is in my purse....... :-P

Hola Hola...

I have been seeing this post floating around for sometime now, last night I decided it was time to clean out my 10lb heavy purse.. I swear my purse felt I like I was carrying rocks in there... Anyways, I had decided not to do the purse post anymore, but Maria said she wanted to see what was in it.. I had to fulfill her request :-P


My Purse... & thats my sissy in the back texting :)

The HUGE mess that came out of my purse!

My Expired coupons :( & receipts!

My Coupon Holder.... (one of my co-workers brought me this from India, I wasn't sure what to use it for, then one day I just stuck all my coupons in there, worked perfect for that)

My Phone...

My Purse Holder, which I never use!

Mints... & I am self proclaimed Shopaholic!!!!!

Lip Gloss & Mascara

I got these Rings at the Dollar Store, they have been in my purse for way too long, I had forgot about them!!!! (I'm using one today)

I LOVE these.. I got them at the Nutcracker Market this Past weekend.. that was a blast! My sissy & I got matching bracelets :-P

My handy anti-bacterial hand gel.. and some pens I got from some vendors :)

Refill for my car scent holder thing :-P

The last mani I had, I used Connect the Dots... I usually take mi pics in my car so I carry the polish with me :-P

Can I carry more lip balm??????... probably!!!

Don't ask...

My Coin Purse!

My glasses... which BTW are scratched now.. I didn't know I had just threw them in  my purse :(

Winning Lotto Tickets!!! HELL YA...... More money for Nail Polish :-P

A Pandora Charm book....

My Wallet

More receipts!

I bought this at Target the other day, its one of the holiday gift sets I think..

& this is what is in the bag...
( I love the Revlon Nail File, my favorite)

Did you guys know that Carmex now makes lotions... and it has become a favorite item of mine! I like it better than that Burt's Bees' next to it :-P 

My Keys!!!

& NOW... I present to you my NEW Clean arranged purse!!! I don't think it will last this way for too long!!!! (an early xmas gift to myself)

Phewwww ... that took some energy out of me :-P

Oh I also carry my camera in my purse :)

Til next time...



  1. when you said that you had a lot of "junk" in your purse i didnt think it was this much!! WOW!!! hahahhaha you carry everything! i was waiting for you to bring out Dominic & say " i carry my son in there tooo" . hahhahahaa jkn! . i love both your purses ! specially the MK .. me la das?! *winks* . LOL & i had no clue you played lottery ..! no wonder your ALWAYS shopping in your lunch time.! hahahhaa this post was so much fun! see!! i told you :) glad you listened.. now try to keeep it clean like this :)

  2. Shannara ~ it is a fun tag.. LOL I will try to keep it clean :-P
    Amber ~ Thank you :)
    Maria ~ OMG thats fkrn Hillarious... I used to carry his pampers in there.. but thankfully we are past that stage now :-P I'll think about giving you my MK buahhaha ... maybe we can share it.. I'll send you half of it!! I don't really play lottery, the Mr. gave m those to cash >;)

  3. I like the old bag better. It looks very elegant and girly.
    My bag weighs a ton too. I have like three or four different sets of keys: home, work, car and they're all quite heavy and big.
    My sis will probably do the photoshoot about 'youknowwhat' tomorrow. Thanks again.

  4. Marox ~ that red bag is one of my favorites, its all worn out by now.. It's even girlier,it has a big bow with the metal lining but it fell off the other day :( ... the bag alone weights a ton already! Oh awesome can't wait to see the stuff :)

  5. LOVE BOTH BAGS!! and your purse insides look so similar to mine, LOL.

  6. Holy moly girl! You have a lot of stuff in your purse! I do the same thing, I just keep throwing things in there until eventually I can't fit anymore. I am obsessed with lip balm too, I always have at least five different ones lying around.

  7. Fabulous fun post! Now I don't feel so freaky about the 10lbs of junk in mine - Yay! xoxo

  8. Oh my! I need to do that too. A spring clean up in my purse! Although my purse it's been more casual these days, it's heavy with things I no longer remember or use! LOL

  9. Desiree ~ Thanks :)
    Laura ~ I cannot carry a small purse around, I like packing all kinda crap in my purse thats for sure.. lip balm is just awesome!
    Vita ~ haha now I dont feel I'm carrying that much around too haha
    Lucy ~ LOL I forget what I put in my purse sometimes and when I find stuff, I think OH.. thats where it went

  10. Oh my Iris, and you think that was messy and busy?! You should see mine!! I think there's double stuff than yours and like about 15 lipsticks and lip balm which I even don't use!! Don't let me think about it, I would need at least 2 posts to show everything in there! Pfff!!!!


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