Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to a WONDERFUL Friend!!!!!

Hello Polish Lovers....

Today's post is very special to me :-P It's my friend Maria's Birthday.  Sooooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maria!!!!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day, save me some cake :-P!

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I have enjoyed blogging these few months, but the things that I have come to appreciate the most are the friends I have made, Maria is one of those special friends! She is very sweet, funny and well a MINI me, we have so  much in common it is unreal... Literally she is like my lost twin!!! If it wasn't for the TiNY age difference and that today is NOT my birthday,  I would think we were separated at birth :-P

Today's mani is dedicated to Maria!! Maria is a GLITTER lover, if it was up to her she would take a bath in glitter, sleep on a glitter bed.. drive a glitter car...probably even eat it, I wouldn't be surprised if she ate a glitter Sandwich :-P!!! So here is a mani with a lot of glitter, even though the end result doesnt look like it :( sorry Maria, I tried!!!!)

So this mani could be consider like a uuummmm Glitter Rainbow... Birthday Streamers... Fireworks... Possiblities are endless!!! These nails were very easy and simple to make, so I will call them  Nails Made Simple.......

I used OPI Skull & Glossbones which I got on sale for 2.98 :) as base then used a very very thin nail art brush to do the lines... I used all these can't remember the names, but you get the idea!!!!

Also, the concept of this mani came from a post by MaD Manis :)

That is it for today.... Once again Happy Birthday Maria!!!!

Til next time....

PS: If you have a chance stop by Maria's Page Nails Made Simple to wish her Happy Birthday :)


  1. The nails are amazing! Im definitely trying this look out, love it so much!

    Happy birthday to Maria :)

  2. AWWWW!! Amiga!! thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for this post!! it caught me off guard! i thought you weren't posting anything!! . lol your mani is soooo cute!! i love it !! love love love love!! & you're so right! all i need is big boobs! & we're all set! twins to the bone! . hahahaha oh & you need to totally love glitter like i do :D Thank you for being such an amazing friend to me , thank you for staying up super late with me even though we're 2 hours different , thank you for making me laugh like a weirdo when we're texting,thank you for being an instigator when buying polish,thank you for just being you :) ..& i hope our friendship lasts a lifetime <3


  3. I like those glitter tips-- very cool way of doing it!

    And of course, happy birthday to Maria!

  4. That mani is soooo coool!How do you think this up? Your so creative! Sweet post.

  5. Zoe ~ Thanks and yes try it, they are soo quick and easy to do :)
    Maria~ LOL yes thats ALL you need :-P and I hope it does last a lifetime!!
    Lindsey ~ thanks
    Micki~ On this mani, I copied another blogger, but it did turn out pretty awesome!

  6. Very cute! How nice of you to wear a mani in her honor :-)

  7. I like these nails a lot, they are very pretty!! Happy birthday to Maria!

  8. Happy Birthday to Maria!!!

    I love your nails they are just gorgeous. Might have to copy you a bit.

  9. What a fun mani! I thought at first it was birthday candles. :)

  10. mmmmmm YES KarenD.. you are absolutely right! They do look like birthday candles :)

  11. Sooo pretty! I'll have to try this out. You do make it look so easy, but there's so many polishes =[ haha I will have to tell myself to not be lazy!

  12. Yay! Happy Birthday Maria! :) I love this! I'm going to have to try this out one's gorgeous!

  13. I'd better hop over to Maria's blog and wish her a happy birthday too! What a beautiful gesture! xoxo

  14. so nice of you :-D
    love your mani, looks absolutely amazing :-D

  15. I also thought it was candles!! And damn she really loves glitter eh?? Glad you guys found each other-sounds like a really awesome friendship.

  16. pssshhh me get mad?! i'm easy to get along with! take a look now and tell me if thats better!

    ps. love the mani!

  17. thank you all for the birthday wishes <3 <3 <3

  18. I love this! I'll have to add this to my list of manicures that I want to attempt. ^_^

  19. These are awesome!

  20. That is sooo it! Great job on the the mani, I think it's an amazing color combination!

  21. Hey Polish Amor!! Thank you for these, so beautiful and they inspired me to create my own! Here's my version, I gave you credit <3


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