Friday, August 26, 2011

Orly MINERAL FX Collection

Today, I have Rock Solid from the Orly Mineral FX Collection.... all the colors look pretty awesome!!! One is a def a dupe of Zoya Jem and Valerie which btw I bought Jem yesterday too.. uggggg lately I have been on a frkn shopping spree, needs to stop but only after I go pick up some more stuff today LOL

This one is the one that grabbed my attention right away… application was good, did 2 coats. As you ladies know I totally suck at describing polishes LOL… but this is a charcoal gray with what looks like holographic glitter… I LOVE IT.. the finish of this is very “grainy” I did 2 layers of top coat and still looks textured LOL.. maybe its supposed to have a "rocky" look buahhaha… here it is :) I liked too many pics

Hope you ladies have an awesome weekend... & happy shopping if you are going out to get any of the beauties in this collection and the many new collections out there :)

Til next time...


  1. Damn girl-when did you hit 200 followers?!?!? Congrats on that! I love these Orly polishes-nice for the price

  2. Um, I know what you mean about spending spree! I have bought too many things, I can't keep track! I still need to send out my giveaway prize, and I have to order polishes for a swap! I'm SWAMPED! lol

  3. Beautiful, I can only find tiny tiny bottles of orly here, no full sized :(

  4. uuuuuuuuh this is purty.!! i havent seen this collection yet at Ulta nor Planet Beauty.. .looks so pretty on you!

  5. @Fingers
    LOL ... I was at a stand still at 100 and something and them BAM im at 210 woohooo for me I feel soooo Special :-P

  6. @thenailaholic
    LOL I can totally feel the adict coming out in me ... I had stopped buying and I went and got one and that turned into like 20 LOL OHHHHHHHHHH what is a girl to do.. and btw thanks for the heads of on that Revlon Flash of Fuchsia.. OMG that thing looks amazing in the bottle cant wait to try it.. and of course I had to get the other 2 in that lil collection!!!!

  7. Congrats on those 200+ followers. You're getting famous, girl.
    Great polish. I just painted mine red (with an orange pedi, never thought I'd ever do that, lol).

  8. Love this one and it's already hard to find in my area!

  9. Wow! I love this one!

  10. @McDiaz714
    Thanks sweetie.. :) I was actually looking for the Birds of Feather collection and this is what they had, weird bc the places around here always sooooooo behind on getting the new stuff!

  11. @marox79
    LOL ... going out of the box huh.. I have tried some random colors myself!

  12. Great colour!
    Lucy x


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