Thursday, September 29, 2011

Orly ~ Fowl Play ♥ feathered up!!

Hola Polish Lovers....

Finally this beauty is in my hands :)& I got in a swap I did with Maria @ Nails Made Simple, I'll post all the goodies I got later :):):)

Sooooooo....I love it more than I expected. I know you guys have seen this one 100000000000+1 times,but oh well.. you get to see it again :-P

Purple base packed with duochrome flakies and hidden blue glitter!!! Ok, so I hate the lighting in my house for pictures, BUT, I have noticed that when is flakies.. the lighting does WONDERS....

This is 2 coats stamped with Born Pretty Plate m77 using Color Club Cold Metal & Foil Me Once!!! :)

***Outdoors, after 2 days of wear****

That is it for today!

Til next time....


  1. i love love love this! i'm realllly considering getting into stamping.. it makes me nervous, though! lol.

  2. While I am not loving this glitter-I do appreciate the stamping-and it looks awesome! Can't wait to see what else you got-saw just how much nails made simple got from you-DAMN that's a lot of polish

  3. So pretty, love the color and the stamping! cute!

  4. Love the feather stamping over it-it adds to the "Birds of a feather" collection theme ;)

  5. Desiree~ you should try it is fun!
    Fingers ~ you can't see the glitter much or flakies unless ur under certain lighting
    Barliny ~ thanks :)
    Jess ~ YAY.... that's exactly what I thought when I was thinking about what stamp to use ...... :) goes great w the collection

  6. That's such a great combo! I can't wait until the stores here get that ORLY collection.

  7. It looks so pretty on you! I really like the feathers.

  8. I like that! I think the feather's make it better!

  9. Very nice! So cute with the feathers! ♥

  10. This looks so great with the stamp and that polish!

  11. love it!

  12. You did a fantastic job with the stamping - and the polish is amazing!


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