Friday, December 2, 2011

Lucky Duck on a Rainbow ...

Hola Hola Polish Lovers...


I don't have much time and a lot to post, I'm going to try to make this super quick!!!

Twinsie Friday is here... We are starting the holidays with this festive mani!!! Orly Lucky Duck layered with Rainbow Connection!!!

Lucky Duck is simply stunning, I don't think I have ever used this shade of green..Oh boy I have been missing out!!!

On my right hand I did lless glitter, I like it better this way.. what do you guys think?? Less or MORE???

NOW... here is the Lucky Duck on its own.. LOVE IT!!!! Sooooo pretty!!

Mmmmm who is giving my mom an AWESOME MANI!!!

Could it be the same lil guy that went to see santa yesterday....

OH and look what I got.. YES more bracelets!!!!!

That is it for today my lovelies... Can't wait to see Maria's Mani!!!

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!!

Til next time..


  1. super pretty mani! <3
    I also like less glitter variation more :)

  2. What an intriguing shade of green. I'm sure it would look horrible on me though. I can't decide which version I like best (less or more glitters), they are both lovely and soooo festive!

  3. I really like Lucky Duck, I think I'll add it to my Xmas list! Rainbow Connection is great too, it's soooo sparkly. Your son is so cute & I love the bracelets!

  4. I have a similar green polish. I think you have a great helper for your manis.

  5. Zebra Nails ~ glad somebody agrees :-P
    Simona ~ I also thought these greens would look horrible on me too, but I was very surprised!
    Polish&Charms ~ thanks
    Laura ~ Yes add it to your list, you wont regret it! and thanks :)
    Marox ~ LOL he is such a great helper :)

  6. I'm lately getting into greens, I will have to look for this one, it looks really good on you! I love the bracelets too. So funny when I read that TGIF! It reminded me of that movie Click.

  7. i cant believe you dont wear greeen! i need to convert you to be a glitter to-die-for fan & green! :D it looks so great on your skin tone! & i prefer less glitter ..because guess what! my right hand has LESS glitter tooo!! LMFAO!! ohhh twin! we think alike.. lol but i like both shiny & matte i did :)

    next friday! i think i already have an idea.!! :D

    you're a bracelet whore :) xoxo

  8. hey they look like maria's nails! LOL

    Looks very pretty, love your bracelets :-)

  9. You are such a DORK!! I like NO glitter and more green please!! That Orly is pretty!

  10. I love both polishes, I want the OPI one for Christmas!


  11. lucky duck is gorgeous! I liked the one with less glitter, that pic is so cute that he was giving grandma a manicure so sweet! I'm dreading taking my girl to see Santa she screamed her head off at the easter bunny.

  12. i've passed on to you the Nail Art Friendly Badge, so check out my blog!

  13. Oh I forgot to ask where did u get those bracelets? they are so cute!

  14. I love the orly shade! Especially with the rainbow top coat, so nice!

  15. Such a lovely combo!

  16. Haha I love this combo! Your little guy is adorable =)

  17. I have OPI's "Rainbow Connection" on my nails right now - love it! It's a great holiday color :)

  18. I got an Orly box set for a friend, your swatch reassures me that Lucky Duck is a great polish, along with Fowl Play and Sweet Peacock. And I prefer the less glittery hand :)


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