Monday, August 22, 2011


First of all... I know this is an older collection, I think it went on sale a few months back, I was at one of my local grocery stores and of course walked by the cosmetics and taddaaaa... there it was a a full mini display of this collection... I bought all 3 polishes available without any hesitation..

Anyways, this is the full collection

& I found swatches of these on The Swatchaholic .. by the way this blogger is amazing!!!!

The ones I found are
Essence – 01 Gagalectric
Essence – 03 Blue Ray
Essence – 04 Prism@tic White

If anybody is looking for any of these I can go back and get you a set maybe do a swap of something... let me know :)

Til next time....


  1. so pretty!
    Lucy x

  2. I like the blue ray and lilac! I could swap for these! Pick something on my blog sale list!

  3. @Fingers
    I can get you Blue Ray but not Lilac, the store only has Blue Ray, Gagalectric and Prism@tic White

  4. Great find! I love it when collections I thought I'd missed show up in unexpected places.

  5. Great find and love the blog you found with the swatches. That blog is great. Been following it for some time now!

  6. what kind of nail polish are u looking for?! i got my eye on Blue ray, however what if i cant find something ur looking for!!. thats why swaps scare me .lol

  7. I would really love to try them! SO exciting shades!!

  8. Nothing in this LE appealed to me, though I had high hopes for it when it was announced.

  9. @marox79
    They are not holos afterall... should had named them something else :-P .. Blue Ray is really nice, the others are just so so..


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