Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Mani

Hola Polish Lovers...

Today I have my first "attempt" at a halloween mani!!! This was actually a fail mani that turned into something I liked after all..

I started with a franken I made and I didnt like how plain it looked, so I was going to do some stamping, but I didnt like that either! I tried to cover the stamping by sponging WnW Fantasy Makers Black Majic, however, this was very sheer, but I liked how it looked so I kept it that way! Of course needed more sparkle so I sponged WnW Creepy Pumpkin ... uggg got tired just typing that!

**this was my favorite nail :-P**

So that is it!!! Have a great afternoon
Til next time...


  1. The packaging of those polishes is a bit... creepy.

  2. Super duper cute!!! Totally following!!!!!!!!

  3. I thought I was the only one who had a "favorite nail" when I do my at home manis :P Love the look!

  4. a beautiful fail mani! :D cant wait to see what you do next doll!


  5. This looks SO great! Love the Halloween design!

  6. I will never get tired of Hallowe'en manicures!

  7. I just love that skull stamp don't you?? Since when do you have 412 followers??? That's amazing!! You really deserve it!

  8. thanks for all the lovely comments BIG SMILE!!!
    Fingers ~ Yes I love that skull stamp awesome... & thanks :)

  9. I really love your franken! Peachy/Coral colors are the best!! =)


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