Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Tuff Scent HOPE

Hello Polish Lovers...

Today I have for you a GORGEOUS polish from Tuff Scent!!! If you are not familiar with Tuff Scent, you need to get familiar with them. They have 6 different collections with unique scents. The colors range from light to dark perfect for any occasion, glitters & top coats, the hard thing is picking just one!

You can tell a lot went into the making of these polishes, the bottles alone are the cutest I have ever seen! The handle is a metal ROSE, very detailed. The brush is long, however, application is still manageable even for me ……so if I can do it anybody can, that’s for sure.

Another great and unique thing about these scented polishes is that the polish name comes with an inspiring quote! I am a sucker for polish names, sometimes I buy a polish just for the name, strange but that’s me :)

This is HOPE from the Earth Collection, a beautiful grayish/charcoal base packed with A TON of tiny amazing Holo particles that will stun you! On the website this polish looks like a dark brown, but on my nails its almost black. The formula was great, 2 easy coats and you are done!

The scent for this particular polish is CHINA RAIN, what does china rain smell like you may wonder; well it smells like Mandarins, I love citrus smells so this was perfect for me. The scent is not over powering just perfect, however, it only lasted about 12hrs, wish it would had lasted longer!! I wore this polish for about 4 days I didn't use a top coat because my mind I figured that might help keep the scent longer :-P, I had no chips, the quality is good!

Moving on to the pics ………

You can buy these directly from the Tuff Scent website at they go for 14.00, the price tag to me is a bit high, but the quality is good so they are worth it! Oh, I read that $1.00 of every bottle sold will be donated to breast cancer awareness in a commemorative effort to support the cure! SO that rocks….

That’s it for today lovelies.
Til Next Time…

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  1. So if I were in China and it rained it would smell like citrus? Is that what you are having me believe??? Pretty color-but not sure about scented polish!

  2. That is gorgeous! It reminds me of one of the Orly Mineral FX polish Rock solid, but I think yours has more holo glitter!

  3. this is so cute! I haven't tried any of the Tuff Scent polishes but want to purely because of the cute little brush cap!! lol. This looks so gorgeous on you! <3

  4. Fingers~ If it really does smell like mandarins when it rains in china I'm moving there lol .... the scent is not too strong
    Polish&Charms ~ it does look kind of look like it but the formulas are completely different
    JeezTrendz ~ the cap is soooooo cute one of my fav things about it love the bottle shape too

  5. i LOVE your review! <3 i had no idea about the bottle cap.. how cute is that! im not scent girl i get headaches right away..however if the smell goes away fast i might snatch this one ..Im in!

    lovely post!


  6. that is a truly beautiful color... just not fond of the price tag.. :\ but i may consider getting one of these.. i value your opinionnnn.

  7. I heart that bottle top. Kind of reminds me of Orly Rock Solid~

  8. What an amazing discovery! I haven't seen this brand before, but I went and check right away...there're some nice and interesting shades in their collections...I'm thinking of getting some of them.


  9. Gorgeous! This is really beautiful, I've never heard of this brand before! I love the color, though.

  10. Wow, really beautiful. I want every single Tuff Scent polish. It just sucks that it's so expensive! :(

  11. such a cute bottle :), and the color is nice

  12. Great color & that bottle cap is so interesting to look at!


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