Friday, October 21, 2011

Mini Haul - China Glaze X Collection

Hello Polish Lovers...

I normally don't do haul posts, but I'm really excited about this one!!!

About a month ago I went into a beauty supply store and saw some China Glaze Polish I had never heard of or seen before.. Well, lets just say I wasn't too sure about buying them and walked out empty handed, then I decided I wanted them, went back a few days later they were GONE!!!!

Yesterday I went by again.... just to see whats new.. they have an update stock with the recent collections and now they even carry Deborah Lippmann there :) No shipping cost when I decide to buy one!!!! Anyways, I told the guy at the resgister I was there looking for some old CG they had, then he said which ones we have some on clearance and pointed me to the direction of a HUGE clearance shelf!!!! I found 2 of them :)
These are from China Glaze X Collection, which celebrated their 10th Anniversary, released in 2007!!! All the polishes were just named with roman numerals from what I read on She has swatches of a lot fo the polishes :) if you want to check them out here!

I got a hold of III and VI, I wanted X but it was no longer there :(

My favorite is VI so I was glad to find it!!!! I love the sublte shimmer on that polish ITS AMAZING!!!!

Oh... I also picked up AHOY! from the Anchors Away Collection.

Anyways, thats it.. thanks for reading!

Til Next time...


  1. no no no ! you got this post all wrong! .. you didnt "ask" the guy.. you FLIRTED with the guy.. ;D then you hypnotized him with your charm and he got confused with the sale ;D .. ! LOL

    anywho those colors are pretty! my fav one is III

  2. Man I am not a fan of the haul posts! But flirting is alright esp if you get free polish!

  3. LOL oh YES I forgot to mention I got a FREE nail polish!!! The regular price polish are BOGO Free... but not the sales, I asked the guy if I could have them at regular price so I could get one free (would b cheaper that way) He said YES, but gave it to me at the sale price... so I got 2 CG for 4.50 :)

  4. I don't have too many CG polishes but they are my favorites...Any good deal I see on CG and I scoop them up!

  5. Great purchases. I wish we had those discounts and prices. Some online stores here are starting to carry CG and sell them for about 6 EUR, not too bad. A few lucky souls in Madrid are even getting them cheaper -only 4- from a local beauty supply store there.

  6. From this collection IV has been on my wishlist since forever :P

  7. Marox ~ its too bad prices are not so good there, but its good to hear you can actually find them :)
    Zoe/Shannara - Thank you :)

  8. i just fell in love, i want these! :)


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