Friday, October 28, 2011

Nail Mail .. + MORE....

Good Morning Polish Lovers...

I have a long post today, well mostly pictures...:-P

First, we have pumpkins :) .. last night my sister, cousin and I carved pumpkins, I was going to stick with something simple, but my sister shows up with a Spongebob print out.. lets just say it was big B to do.. but the end result was worth it! PLUS my son LOVED IT!!! He helped take the "guts" out, he was not happy about it.. he got grossed out and walked way, then he kept coming back and forth asking how his pumpkin was coming along.. HE IS SOOO BOOSSSSY! :-P

Love the Hello Kitty!!!!!!

THEN...... early this week I got nail mail from the AWESOME Lauren at A Polish Change.. I have to say that I was STUNNED when I opened the package!!! This has to be an EPIC nail mail for me....I can't thank Lauren enough for ALL this!!! I was not expecting so many goodes....  I LOVE everything!!!!!!!! Thank you .. Thank you.. Thank you Lauren!

MORE...... a few weeks ago my honey brought me these back from Canada... My very first JOE FRESH polishes... How sweet is this!!!! Love Love them all!!! Twilight is sooo pretty had to do a single shot of that.

                     He said  .. "look this one has flashies"  .... gotta love it <3 <3


My Lynderella polishes arrived..... I was so happy to get a hold of these :)I had been wanting these for a long time and well we all know how hard it is to get your hands on these!!!

I was a very LUCKY GIRL this month!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading....

Hope you all have a great weekend..
Til next time...


  1. Great pumpkins and beautiful polishes! :)

  2. DUDE!!!! You're cheating on me with others!! How uncool! That is one epic swap!! I see Zoya Gemma-I so love that one-what is the blue Orly one? You will love the Joe Fresh-I need more of that!! Can't wait to see swatches of the connect the dots! Those pumpkins are awesome! I used to love to do the guts part!

  3. Fingers~ LOL yeah gotta cheat sometimes :-P .YES epic I was floored by everything! I think the blue is called Royal Navy it looks stunning in person!!! Great I can't wait to try the Joe Fresh too..
    LOL my son hates the guts.. he hated them last year, I thought this year it would be different but NOOOOO it was worst! The faces he made were priceless

  4. Amazing haul! And I love the Hello Kitty pumpkins! I did one a few years ago with a blinged out bow. :)

  5. Amber ~ My sister was thinking about blinging hers out too... I'm sure it will look super cute!

  6. Wow! That is awesome! I cannot wait to get some Lynderella..... I'm going to have to find a group order :-) And those Joe Fresh polishes look amazing! How sweet of your hubby :-)

  7. omg twilight is gorgeous!! wish i could get my hands on some!

  8. Fashion footing ~ I can't wait to see the new Lynderella Collection too .... I'm sure I will be trying to order as well so ill let u know for a group order!
    Nicole ~ it does look gorgeous .... need to try it ASAP

  9. Those carved pumpkins are the bomb!!
    And I can understand your being blown away with that awesome swap too.
    I suppose we can expect many lovely swatches.

  10. Mar ~ the pumpkins are the bomb huh .... :) Oh yes .. I wish I had more time to swatch .... but I will try to do as many as I can :)

  11. love the pumpkins, jealous because of your nail mail ;-D

  12. Man, you are lucky ;)
    Love the pumpkins! I'm not even going to show my kids those pumpkins....they would insist I do the same....but I can't stand pumpkin guts either!

  13. Wow! That's fantastic nail mail! Joe Fresh Twilight is so pretty, and the Lynnderellas are amazing! I love seeing swatches of them.

  14. Those pumpkins are awesome! And what super nail mail--so many pretties!

  15. Love Hello Kitty and all the polish so jealous lol! XOXO

  16. wish we could live closer so i can just drive to your house and borrow nail polishes!! hahahah she definitely went all out!! i need to swap with her! ;D . hahhaha & that nail polish with flakeys the MR got you is epic!! can i have it :D . hahah jkn!!! super cute stuff!! i love looking at your haul posts! you needs to do more!

  17. Great post, I love the hello kitty pumpkins! so want to do one! :)
    Lucy xx

  18. I love what you did with the pumpkins and Holly Molly how nice those bottles look

  19. Oh Lovely pumpkins! Hello Kitty! Gorgeous.

    And ahh, loving the Nail mail.. Wanna grab some of your polishes through the computer screen. Enjoying your blog, I'm a new follower.

  20. Those Lyndrella polishes remind me of how broke I am........actually whole of the nail mail does that:D
    I love the hello kitty with the cape(?)

  21. LOL please don't remind me of how broke I am hahah Might have to take a second job to cover all these expenses :-P


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