Friday, October 7, 2011

Tag: As time passes By

Hola Polish Lovers....


I saw this tag a few weeks, I really wanted to do it :-P then I was tagged by the Lovely Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
This is my favorite tag so far… makes me wonder who comes up w these.. but the concept of this one was just awesome!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I always like to see how we all started!! Typically when I start following a blog I go way back and check out their first post, I like to see the progress.

Here is mine …..

This was from my first post.. check out my awesome watermark LOL & my orange hand!

What has changed …. EVERYTHING even my skin color buahahhahahaha … But seriously, I have learned so much these past few months! I am better at applying my nail polish and most importantly I learned to take care of my nails and CUTICLES… I was doing everything wrong!!! Who says you can’t learn nail care by reading blogs… mmmm how dare they say that!!! My nails are stronger, longer & healthier yay for that!!! Another thing, my picture taking skills are getting better.

I am tagging the following lovely ladies:

Nails Made Simple
I’m Feeling Nail-venturous
Laura’s Lacquers
Fingers Polish Mania
A Polish Change
Wacky Laki
Chalkboard Nails
rebeca likes nails

***plus anybody else who wants to do it, as this is FUN!!!***

Have a Great day & Weekend!!!

My GIVEAWAY ends today, so you haven’t entered yet you still have time!!

Til Next Time….


  1. Holy crap, your nails have grown!!! They looked nice before, but now they're Yowza!

  2. ahhhh i loved your first mani!!!

  3. and THANK YOU so much for putting me on your blog roll over there --->!

  4. Lauren ~ yes they have grown quite a bit...
    Desiree ~ your welcome :)

  5. Your nails are so pretty now! I still can't get over how gorgeous that black holo is! Thanks for the tag, too!

  6. ive told you before that your first post is gorgeous! id so do it ..but i suck at stamping . LOL you lil evil lady! how dare you tag me completely embarrassed to show my first real post! . hahahahaha but for everyone's entertainment i'll post it :D


  7. Damn I saw your title and my first thought was-" man I hope she doesn't tag me," and yet you did! I'll get you for this! Hahaha

  8. This is a fun tag--and I really need to put off doing it, since I was tagged ages ago. My excuse is I wanted to look for the pre-blog nail photos I took, as those are way more horrifying than my first entry. :)

  9. Oh man, I saw this and commented on it but didn't even realize you tagged me haha. I will have to do it!

  10. i did not expect you to pop by my blog! i love yours and was pleasantly surprised this morning :)
    i have no idea what i'm doing with this whole blogging thing.. i need help haha
    i'll try & get a follow button up later, but i thought at the top of every blog is a blue status bar like thing where people can click follow if they're signed in?

    any help would be appreciated! :)


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