Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toy Story Mani + more ...

******** EXTREMELY PICTURE HEAVY ***************

Hello Polish Lovers....

Today's mani is courtesy of my son's birthday :) He turned 3 last week, we had a Toy Story Birthday Party!!!!.. He had a blast and so did his little friends... AND of course, I had to do my nails to go with the Theme!!! I got the Alien idea from YouTube, but I can't remember from who :(

I'm not very good with freehand nail art, but I think it came out pretty good for being my first full blown free hand attempt!!!...

Enjoy... Nails pics + some pics from the party!!!

I used these for Inspiration..............

Moreeeeeeee Pictures...

& We played some games......

Army Guys Bowling
Pin the Badge on Woody
The Claw!!!!
& of course what is a Party without a Pinata!!!!

Thats it for today.

Enjoy the rest of your day and week!!!

Til Next time....


  1. Happy late birthday to him! and brilliant nails!

  2. You are so creative! Love the nails! Looks like he had a great party! ♥

  3. OH MY GOD I love these nails way too much. WAY TOO MUCH!!

  4. Waaah, so cute! ♥ I bet he had so much fun and his friends as well!
    And your nails are awesome, like them!

  5. Happy birthday to your son!!!
    Whooo! That birthday cake is AWESOME!!! I bet you son had an excellent time!
    And the mani is sooo cuute!
    Big hugs!!!

  6. How cute! Love it! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  7. What a great post and your manicure is amazing!

  8. Great theme and your mani is super adorable! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  9. So cute! You did a great job, it looks like the party was a blast!

  10. wow amiga! you did fantastic! and you tried to convince me your not good at nail art! haha your great! i love how every fingernail was different! and great job at decorating for Dominics bday party! my favorite is the cake!! & " Pizza Planet" LOL you crack me up!

  11. I LOVE this! Especially for my three year old niece who for the past like, two years has been OBSESSED with Toy Story. I think I might have to try this one out when my sister brings her into town! Great post (and great blog for that matter)

  12. AHHHH!!! I LOVE IT! Can't wait to show my kids in the morning, they are going to freak out! Jessie's cowgirl shirt is my fav!

    What a great party too! Lucky little boy :)

  13. omg! YOU have amazing talent at freehand nail art. Aw and happy belated bday to your son! that's so awesome that you had a toy story themed party! i just watched toy story 3 last night for the third time...those movies are the best!

  14. I really like toy story characters. You did a great job. love it.

    You've got real nice blog. Btw my first giveaway at my blog.

  15. I absolutely ADORE this manicure. I hope your little boy had a great birthday! xoxo

  16. Wow looks like a fun time!! You did a really great job on your nail art!

  17. I'd say you are pretty good at free-hand nail art. :-p You blow me out of the water! A-mazing mani. So cute.

  18. This is adorable!
    Captures the movie perfectly :)

  19. Hpbday to your son! Mine turned 1 on October also. That party pics looks super awesome!!! And your mani perfect! God bless all tiny angels on earth :-D

  20. Jossie ~ Yes.. they sure are lil angels :)


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